Eurovision haqqında

Sunday, 26 October, 2008 16:09

Blogcamp 2008-də, özüm iştirak edə bilməsəm də təsadüfən rastıma orda olan Eurovision 2008 haqqında təqdimat çıxdı.

Denis adlı iştirakçının təqdimatında maraqlı məlumatlar yerləşdiriılib.

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  1. Legacy #2 was awesome, LOVED the whole “Legion has to hunt down each of his fractured psyche and gain their abilities, one by one” aspect of it. god, Spurrier can go anywhere with that setup. And speaking of Spurrier, Crossed “Wish You Were Here” ( came out with another episode today; it’s a webcomic written by Spurrier that drops every Thursday, check it out if you haven’t.

  2. I thought that too until I met some of the kids and coworkers that my husband works with – there aren’t enough vacation days in the world in my opinion to make up for how awful some of those kids, parents, and coworkers are…

  3. Dolly says:

    I’m saying 435. Love everything you are doin, Kev. Looking simply amazing. I got 315 for 2 for the first time in my life yesterday, and 225 for 17 before that. You were there with me. Pure mooivatitn.Eric

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